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“Thyroid Treatment Saved My Life”

And so my name is Gina and I’m an RN and I started seeing Dr. Heimlich in December after getting sick around September.  I had this gradual decline in my health,  mostly I was getting really swollen,  I was getting sort of confused,  losing my balance,  getting exhausted,  and it led eventually to my becoming – I thought I was depressed because I had some issues going on,  some stressors and I went and got lab work drawn because I started getting muscle weakness.

When I got the results of my labs, it showed that I had severe hypothyroidism,  I had really high cholesterol,  I had high blood sugar,  and I had some kidney failure. Moderate kidney failure.

So I went to a naturopathic doctor because I was feeling terrible and I was very unhappy with her,  the way she wanted to treat me,  she wanted to treat every single symptom and so I left her office very unsatisfied and that’s when I found Dr. Heimlich’s website.  And I saw that he was interested in treating the root of the problem,  not just all the different little symptoms and that rang true to me. So I went to see him.  He went over all my blood work and everything.  And he made recommendations,  changed my diet,  I followed his recommendations,  and within three weeks I started feeling unbelievably better and now it’s July twentieth,  so it’s been about seven months.

I just recently went and got my lab work redrawn and every single thing,  everything, including my kidney problems , have gone back to normal,  which the medical doctors,  who I had worked with, were saying would never happen.  So I really believe that he saved my life.  His program is absolutely amazing.  It’s something that you have to do – it’s a way for you to take responsibility.  I really believe that if I would have started treating everything individually that I would have just circled the drain and gotten sicker and sicker.

And now I feel wonderful.

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