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Low Thyroid Symptoms, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, Brain, and Gastrointestinal Connection

What’s the connection between your stomach problems, brain fog, and hashimoto’s? How are they related? –>Click Here To Schedule A Consultation At The Arizona Thyroid Institute<– One of the most frequent questions I get asked by new patients suffering from low thyroid symptoms is why we do a functional neurological exam on them.  There are […]

Why Doctors Don’t Check Antibody Levels in Hypothyroid Patients?

Dr. Chris Heimlich DC, Scottsdale Phoenix Metro Area  Doctor Shares The First of 7 Low Thyroid Mistakes Patients and Doctors Make…. Research shows that the most common  reason for hypothyroid symptoms is an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  It is estimated that 80% or more of people suffering with hypothyroid symptoms have this autoimmune disease.  […]

Low Thyroid Symptom: Weight Gain, or Trouble Losing Weight

Dr. Chris Heimlich, DC, DACNB FIAMA Comments: If you’re suffering from the thyroid problems and can’t get off the extra pounds, we may have a solution for you. One of the most frustrating symptoms associated with low thyroid is weight gain. Although patients may have several symptoms associated with low thyroid, this is the one […]

The Devastating Effect of Stress on Low Thyroid Patients

Dr. Chris Heimlich, DC, DACNB Comments We all know stress is bad for us.  There are thousands of books on the subject.  But how does it relate to the way you are feeling when you have low thyroid symptoms? First of all, when you are stressed, you release interleukin 17, or IL 17 for short.  […]

Low Thyroid Hormone and Dietary Fish Oil

Dr. Chris Heimlich, DC, DACNB Comments: I just read an article on dietary fish oils and thyroid hormones from The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.   They discussed the effects of fish oil on thyroid hormone signaling in the liver. From my other blogs you may recall that 60% of inactive thyroid hormone (T4) is converted to […]

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