Low Thyroid Success After 33 Years Of Symptoms

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Susan Walling

Very interesting ! I had my thyroid removed as it was cancerous in Feb 2009. I had to go w/o Iodine before the radiation which was terrible ! Then we have struggled with trying to get the proper dosage !

My endocrinologist, Lory Baraz is great, and since I live in SE Mesa, it is a long drive to see her – but it’s worth it !! My Internist is Charina Tecson here in Mesa and she is great at coordinating all my various doctors !!

I have had cancer, in one form or another, since 1973. I also have Fibromyalgia, which has complicated things, a bit !! I read everything I can on cancer, thyroid, Fibro, and Osteo, so was, of course, interested in your approach !

I am about to “dig into it”.

Thank you for your interest and work with Hypothyroidism !!

Susan Walling

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