A Common Mistake Made By Women Suffering With Low Thyroid

Dr. Chris Heimlich DC, Director of the Arizona Thyroid Institute in Scottsdale, AZ Reveals A Common Mistake Made By Women Suffering With Low Thyroid:

A long time ago someone miss-interpreted some research and they concluded that tyrosine would be good for thyroid metabolism.

There’s never been a single study to show that tyrosine improves thyroid hormone metabolism.

Tyrosine in fact doesn’t do anything good for improving thyroid metabolism.  What it does more often than not is actually suppresses thyroid metabolism by converting into sympathetic nervous system chemicals, adrenaline and noradrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine and what those things actually do is end up suppressing thyroid function.

Here is an all too common scenario… a woman starts getting low thyroid symptoms  like hair loss, quick weight gain, depression, feeling cold all over, constipation, brain fog.

Next she seeks help at her local health food store or she goes to the mall or she even sees a well-meaning alternative medicine practitioner. And that person, since they don’t understand the full spectrum of what can be causing low thyroid, suggests tyrosine–which will probably only make her symptoms worse.

This is where things can go wrong.  There are about 24 different ways the thyroid can go wrong…and tyrosine is NOT one of them.

The woman is told to take the tyrosine, and probably iodine as well.  I have already talked about iodine and the hidden dangers of taking it in an earlier blog.   So they give the woman tyrosine and what usually happens is…nothing happens.  Or they give her tyrosine and because tyrosine is converted into chemicals that will further squash her pituitary and thyroid…she feels worse. Yuck!

Tyrosine support should not be used with someone with low thyroid.

It just shouldn’t.  There are formulas available that do not contain tyrosine–But better yet, don’t even try to supplement yourself.  Find someone that understands the complex nature of thyroid hormones.  And it is more complicated than iodine and tyrosine.

The number one cause of low thyroid in America is an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s.

If you have Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis, it needs to be controlled right now. Because if you don’t get it under control, that autoimmune process is going to march through your body and find other things to kill…such as your pancreas, brain, and cartilage. It’s going to ruin your life.

So it’s time to do your homework.  If you’ve got low thyroid problems, please, don’t take tyrosine.  Find a thyroid doctor that can actually do the detective work and find out what’s wrong.

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