#1 Reason to Still Have Symptoms While Being Treated for Low Thyroid with Medication

Dr. Chris Heimlich, DC, DACNB FIAMA Comments: Being treated for an underactive thyroid, but still suffering with thyroid symptoms…is a surprisingly common occurrence in people with low thyroid conditions and it can be extremely frustrating.    Most of our patients that come in with complaints of low thyroid symptoms are already on medication for their […]

[Did Your Doctor Consider This?] Part 2: High TSH With Normal T4 and T3

A research study published in December 2012 sheds some light on a phenomenon we see often … A patient has elevated TSH but normal T4 and T3. If that person also has symptoms of fatigue do they have hypothyroidism? By standard definition any elevation of TSH indicates hypothyroidism. Usually this elevated level of TSH corresponds […]

Can You Help Me Even If My Thyroid Has Been Removed?

Without a doubt the most common question that I get on a day to day basis is: “My thyroid was removed by my doctor X number of years ago but I still have symptoms. Is there any way you can help me?” There are two reasons why people typically have their thyroid removed: Graves Disease […]