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Another Arizona Thyroid Institute Success Story

Hi, my name is Carmen. I came to Dr. Heimlich five weeks ago and I was feeling sick. I was feeling hopeless. My body was too tired. Could not sleep. I had a headache for six straight weeks. I was feeling heaviness all over my body and feeling awful.

After five weeks today, I feel a lot better. All the heaviness in my body is gone. The headache is gone. I’m feeling alive again. I feel like I have hope. I keep coming to do the treatment and I’m going to be back to feeling normal. Still have things to deal with, but I’m very hopeful for what’s going to happen to me. My dizziness is completely gone. I also lost six pounds in two weeks. I wasn’t looking to lose any weight, but it’s good.

Great Results of Low Thyroid Symptoms of Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Fatigue and Dizziness

My name is Margie and I have been coming to Dr. Heimlich’s office for about two months now.  And I have to say that I am seeing some significant results.  I came here with feeling tired, sluggish; brain fog, light-headedness, dizziness, overweight, and I’ve seen results in all of those areas.

I am able to think clearer, I am able to get up from desk and not have any light headedness, have more energy and I can keep up with my children, which is huge for me, and get through my day and not feel so tired.

I was gone for five days, on vacation, and I was able to do the things that you recommended, even on vacation, and keep up with my children, which was at amusement parks, beach, all that kind of stuff. In the past I would have been very tired and needed caffeine to get through it and not anymore.

My coworkers are noticing more color, more vibrancy, and I look less sluggish to them as well. Yes, the mental fog, the unclear thinking, just always needed caffeine to get rid of that and not anymore, it’s gone.  Which is wonderful.

I would recommend it to anyone that is having those same issues.  Sometimes had spots or blurry vision, but that has stopped now as well.

I Used To Think I Was Going To Die From My Low Thyroid But Now My Body Is Healing Itself

Hi there.  Just thought I’d give you an update and maybe go back . Before I started coming to Dr. Heimlich, I knew and so did two of my friends that I was going to die very soon.  There was no question about it.  And now, after being under Dr. Heimlich’s care and being in his program, I know that isn’t going to happen now.

And to bring you up to date, now my blood pressure is doing so well, we have been able to cut blood pressure medication in half. Otherwise I get light-headed and faint, cause it’s too low.

And I’m telling you, if you’re experiencing anything like I did, which was MS symptoms.  I had a low thyroid, yeah, they knew that. But the doctor’s weren’t doing anything about. So I had low thyroid, I was having MS symptoms, I was having muscle spasms, I had fatigue so badly that it was ridiculous and I can only stand for a short time and now, I can stand for long periods of time.  I don’t have the muscle spasms anymore. I don’t have the MS symptoms anymore. And yeah, I have low thyroid, but thanks to Dr. Heimlich and his program, it’s not a problem.

I’m feeling better and better every single day. I’m getting stronger every single day and believe me; I know I’m not going to die anytime soon.

Hashimotos Low Thryoid Symptoms Reversed After 1 1/2 months

Hi, my name is Dotsi. I’ve started to see Dr. Heimlich, this was in March, and so it’s been about a month and a half.  When I first came in to see Dr. Heimlich, I was so tired.  My energy level was very, very low.  I was having a lot of anxieties. My sleeping pattern was out of whack. I would stay up all night and during the days, sleep in. It was really, really bad for me.

Since I’ve been in the program, I’m feeling more energetic. This is just amazing. It’s like I’m having a new pair of glasses right now.  Like I’m so much alert and awake, that it’s just amazing. My anxiety is very less, I don’t have the cold hands and feet that I usually had. I usually have like a lot of numbness in my legs and all of that.

I think Dr. Heimlich is such an amazing person and doctor. He is very kind and sensitive. He really listens to you and he’s pretty funny as well.  I’ve seen a lot of people who really do like him. The treatment plan is just an amazing plan and I will recommend anyone who has Hashimoto’s disease or suffering from thyroid to connect with Dr. Heimlich.

I’ve been to my family physician for six years. It was just terrible – just medications and my symptoms were all there. My life has really changed now.  It’s like I’m living life again.

Before it was like I’m in another world and I feel as if I’m just coming back to normal daily and it’s very exciting because it really disrupted my daily routine. Now I can just think positively and go back into full-fledged career, which I didn’t have for a while.  So I have a lot of barriers with this disease.