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Endocrinologist Takes This Patient Off 2 Medications After She Went Through Our Program!

Hi, my name is Catherine and I started visiting Dr. Heimlich since final – the twenty-ninth of September to be precise – and I came because I saw on your website a couple of videos and I was very interested and the way that he presented his treatment so I suffer from mental fogginess.

I have fibromyalgia, meaning that my body completely in pain constantly.  I also have DJD, it’s for losses and spurring in my spine.  Also, I have inflammation in both of my shoulders, but between all of these physical conditions, I also suffer from high cholesterol and also with diabetes.

At the moment, I’m starting with the doctor; I brought my test results and all these tests and also x-rays. And today, I have the most recent results. My thyroid, ultrasound and one of my three nodules that had been with me for a while. One of them had decreased its size and my doctor got me off of my coseral medications and he also got me off of my diabetes medications.

So if you really wish and you have the hope that you want to feel better, but whatever treatment you’re doing and you’re not getting good results, I really really support and tell you to come here. Just come to look for the information and talk. You’re going to find yourself with a very professional staff, very knowledgeable and people that have empathy because they – even they understand and have these conditions. So I would welcome you to come and see Dr. Chris Heimlich. Oh, yes. My endocrinologist specifically took me off of two medications.  I was taking support for my high cholesterol, so it has been taking off and also I was taking Edomorfin, and 500miligrams, and it also has been taken off for me this week. So no more of those pills. So two down, and I have like three to go.

Low Thyroid And MS Symptoms GREATLY Improved In Only 6 Weeks

Hi, My name is Debbie.  When I came to Dr. Heimlich, I was having MS symptoms. Great fatigue. I had really fat hands; there was no loose skin. I had MS symptoms, which was like getting an electrical shock inside your body.  Fatigue, was like at a ten. Weight loss was impossible.

Since coming to Dr. Heimlich, as you can see, I have skin on the back of my hand that I can lift. You can see my knuckles. The inflammation is gone. I have lost thirteen to fourteen pounds. The MS symptoms are gone.  Totally and completely gone.

What more can you say.  What he does, works.  Totally and completely.  He is a Godsend.

I also wanted to mention that I was having spasms and I’m not talking about a charlie horse, I’m talking muscle spasms, and if you have them – you know what they are.  And those are completely gone.  And I also wanted to tell you that I’m only six weeks into Dr. Heimlich’s program.

Year’s Of Hashimoto’s and Low Thyroid Symptoms Are Gone

Thanks To Dr. Heimlich’s Thyroid Program This Patient Has Achieved These Benefits:

  1. Mental Clarity Is Better
  2. Energy Is Better
  3. No depression (other doctors wanted to put her on antidepressants)


2 Month Transformation For This Thyroid Patient

In only 8 short weeks this patient has achieved the following in our program:

  1. Gastric distress is completely gone
  2. Lost 18 pounds
  3. Lower back pain is virtually gone
  4. Energy level doubled
  5. Gum Disease improved (unexpected side benefit)

How will things be for you in 8 weeks if you don’t take some steps to resolve your problem?

Hi, my name is Donna.  I came to Dr. Heimlich about three months ago and started on his program.  Originally my problems were severe fatigue, lower back pain, gastric distress was really bad.

After being on his program now for a little over eight weeks, I have no gastric distress.  I’ve lost eighteen pounds.  My lower back pain is just about gone.  My energy level has at least more than doubled, which makes me very happy.  As a side benefit, something that I didn’t even know would happen.

I’ve had Periodontal disease for about fifteen years, which require me to get my teeth cleaned about every three months, with that cleaning comes a lot of gum bleeding.  It’s been a really bad problem. Well, I had my last dental appointment last week, after being on this program.  The dental hygienist said that my teeth, my gums are very healthy and there was no bleeding.  This is unheard of in all of the years that I’ve had this problem so that is just a side benefit to being on this program.

So I’m very pleased with the way things are progressing.  A lot healthier.

Incredible Decrease In Anxiety After Just One Month Of Care

I’m Lynette and I’ve been coming in here for about a month and I came because my sister had been coming and I saw such an improvement in her health.  She told me that she now has energy she had twenty years ago.

When I first started coming, I had so much anxiety. A lot of the anxiety was because of how bad I felt. Sometimes I didn’t think I’d live through the day or through the night. Many times I hardly ever got a good night’s sleep, but now after just a month I’m feeling better.

I sleep good, my anxiety level is much better. I can keep it under control. So I really recommend Dr. Heimlich. And I’m here today with a friend of mine that I have referred to and she told me last night that she has seen a glow in me that she hasn’t before.  So I’m here to support her and a month ago, I couldn’t have done that because I had too much anxiety.

“It’s great to be back and have a great outlook on life!”

Hi, I’m Shawnee. I’ve been coming to Dr. Heimlich for about six months, but I had a little mishap and just recently have come back. During the time I was gone, I stuck to his program and did the best that I could and I feel great. I came in to Dr. Heimlich today to just get a check-up and just see if there was anything else that needs to be done and I told him that he saved my life. He really has.

I don’t think anybody would believe how depressed and downtrodden I was when I first came in here. Margie might, but she might not know the extent of it. I have followed Dr. Heimlich’s program and I have done testimonials in the path and said that we took a leap of faith and we did. We took a huge leap of faith. It’s nothing that I’ve ever done before.

It’s hard to explain to anybody because it’s such a specialized program for each person that comes in here, but it has helped me tremendously. I encourage you that if you come in and do the program, which I think you should if you’re even watching this video. Do a before and after. I really wish that I would have had them videotape me, even though you don’t feel like being videotaped. You’ll really appreciate and acknowledge the progress as you go along.

My weight loss isn’t even a priority anymore because I just feel so great that weight loss is just a natural thing that’s occurring. I’ve lost thirty pounds to date just following the program. Happy. I’m excited. It feels great to be back. It feels great to be excited and have a bright outlook on life.

I Wish I Would Have Found This Sooner


Hi, I’m Suzy and I’ve been coming to Dr. Heimlich for a month now.  I had, in the past, gone to my regular doctor to get help for my thyroid, when we found out that my thyroid was low.

I gained weight on the thyroid medicine, a lot. It wasn’t – it didn’t help me.  I was still tired all of the time and there were no other tests made and so I decided that it just wasn’t working, so I stopped taking it.


Well then I got worse.  Back in August or September, I found out about Dr. Heimlich and I got emails. I called and talked to someone and they gave me their information and stuff.


Then I was thinking – is this really going to work? Is this doctor really going to help me? – I didn’t know much about him. I’d never heard of him before.


So anyway, I decided not to do it. I had surgery on my leg and I was so tired all of the time that it really hurt me trying to do all of the things that the doctor wanted me to do after the surgery.  So I decided I’m finally going to see this doctor and hopefully it will work. So I came in, I have done exactly what he’s told me to do and I’ve had no drugs, which is amazing and am not tired after one month. I have more energy now.


I don’t have the pain in my body that I had before.  I wish I had come in October. It would have made things a whole lot easier on me to get me through the holidays, and other things that have gone on, I do have a lot of stress in my life, but this has changed my whole body.  Not just my tiredness and stuff. The aches in my body.  I just wish I had come sooner.


I wish I had known about it sooner.  My mom passed away a year ago and I know that she had the exact same thing that I have and it was really bad for her, through her life, dealing with what I’m dealing with now. And I have a daughter that is in the same position, so hopefully I’ll get her here and maybe she can get involved with it too. It’s an awesome, awesome change in me in just a month. So I’m looking forward and I’m really excited to keep going forward with this program.


I hope that it will help someone that is in the same shape I am. I wanted to mention too, that the doctor is awesome. He is just like we are. He talks and he shares with you – things that he’s gone through.  It’s funny.  He lets you talk about whatever is going on with you.  He listens to what you have to say and that’s really awesome to have a conversation with him, not like your everyday doctor.  They go and they give you five minutes to tell you what’s going on and then they tell you what they think you need to do, and they’re kind of separated from the information you’re giving them.


He really listens and he talks to you about it.  It’s not just somebody who is going to give you a pill.  He doesn’t and so I think he’s an awesome doctor, but he’s more normal like we are.