Low Thyroid And MS Symptoms GREATLY Improved In Only 6 Weeks

Hi, My name is Debbie.  When I came to Dr. Heimlich, I was having MS symptoms. Great fatigue. I had really fat hands; there was no loose skin. I had MS symptoms, which was like getting an electrical shock inside your body.  Fatigue, was like at a ten. Weight loss was impossible. Since coming to […]

2 Month Transformation For This Thyroid Patient

In only 8 short weeks this patient has achieved the following in our program: Gastric distress is completely gone Lost 18 pounds Lower back pain is virtually gone Energy level doubled Gum Disease improved (unexpected side benefit) How will things be for you in 8 weeks if you don’t take some steps to resolve your […]

Incredible Decrease In Anxiety After Just One Month Of Care

I’m Lynette and I’ve been coming in here for about a month and I came because my sister had been coming and I saw such an improvement in her health.  She told me that she now has energy she had twenty years ago. When I first started coming, I had so much anxiety. A lot […]

“It’s great to be back and have a great outlook on life!”

Hi, I’m Shawnee. I’ve been coming to Dr. Heimlich for about six months, but I had a little mishap and just recently have come back. During the time I was gone, I stuck to his program and did the best that I could and I feel great. I came in to Dr. Heimlich today to […]

I Wish I Would Have Found This Sooner

  Hi, I’m Suzy and I’ve been coming to Dr. Heimlich for a month now.  I had, in the past, gone to my regular doctor to get help for my thyroid, when we found out that my thyroid was low. I gained weight on the thyroid medicine, a lot. It wasn’t – it didn’t help […]